Why Dumb People Get Dumber

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Dumb people


“There Are Three Types of People in This World: Those Who Make Things Happen, Those Who Watch Things Happen and Those Who Wonder What Happened”

Why dumb people get dumber

It is often a belief that those who perform exceptionally, perform better because of a natural born gift. We are all born with advantages and disadvantages, but to attribute exceptional performance solely as a result of a ‘natural born gift’ is pure stupidity. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out (or does it ?) that exceptional performance is a result of consistent practice and dedication.

If you ever want to kill your brain quickly without pain (It’s possible). I encourage you to do the following. One, stop asking questions. Two, stop the pursuit of anything out of your immediate reach. This is a formula that will ensure you spiral into a black hole of nothingness. Without curiosity and the will power to push yourself out of your comfort zone, you will not grow (I promise). I dare say, these are the things dumb people do not do, which keep them in a downward spiral of doom.

What’s needed?

Desire and perseverance are the two most important attributes needed for development. These two attributes force one to engage in regular mental combat, which then leads to the development of greater (kung-fu like) cognitive agility. That sounds cool, right? I bet. Lets elaborate. To be an outlier, “Genius”, polyglot or kung fu panda (I had to throw that in lol) one has to ask many questions (desire) and then follow through (perseverance) with the search for the answers. It’s in your best interest to want to find the answers you’re looking for, otherwise you’re going to be a half hearted joke. Guess what? They’re not funny.

A desire of some sort beats in the hearts of all successful people. You need not have a desire to deliver a mediocre performance, no. However, to perform exceptionally one needs have a strong desire for an outcome. This desire could be a lifestyle, a skill or possibly an answer to a question e.g how can we improve the way we search the internet? Answer. Damn that was a good question, and a whopping result. Do you see where I’m going with this?

Desire is nothing without perseverance. Do you think Google answered the question first time round? Do you think Leonardo da Vinci’s first painting was a masterpiece? Do you think Kung fu panda …..I think you get the point. In the face of discouragement, ridicule and uncertainty you need to keep your eyes on the prize (desire)

How do smart people get smarter?

Desire, Perseverance, and davidmansaray.com

What do you guys think? Did I miss anything?

  • I am not usually as extreme as to mark people dumb, for I believe anyone can achieve whatever they want. It’s quite common to hear from a person that he doesn’t have the talent or whatever to learn a language, etc. That’s just stereotypes doing their dirty work.

    However, what frequently puts me off is when some people actually act proud of their inability (actual or perceived; usually, the latter) to do something. As if it’s a clever way out of doing something fascinating for once. That’s just wrong, that is.

    My personal recipe for getting smarter is simple: do things I do not know how to do. Something creative, something that makes you think.

  • Hannibal

    That’s Napoleon Hill.

  • Hannibal

    What about those naturally idiot? How about those to whom the concept of desire is farfetched because they are inherently stupid?

  • Observerjanuary

    Sometimes you can let others do the brute work whilst you work the problem in your head.

  • Observerjanuary

    Which is in no particular way inferior. Meditating increases brain folding in the cerebral cortex. Meditating does not require you to leave your immediate surroundings. So lack of enjoyable experiences aside, as long as you can convince someone to take care of food shelter water then you can become smarter while letting others in society do the tedious work.

  • Bob saget

    You can be born gifted with the ability to understand everything and grasp information a thousand times faster than the rest…

  • Rene

    Is that true? I failed at least six exams. And it is not that I didn’t put in any effort.

  • Jim

    Hey guys I
    I am 13 and what I believe is that no body is “stupid”.All it is is that your making your brain get lazy and sloppy,because the world is developing more technology that is making us think,read and write less which makes us be able to do creative and wonderful things.its just if you feel ” stupid”it’s just your not working hard to acheive your goal in life. You just making your brain lazy so it doesn’t “work”.So that’s why you fail things in life.


  • John Senghelios

    Wow that was powerfull….im one of those gifted kids but I felt like I was getting dumb this changes the way I see things

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