I’m Travelling Across the World to Help Some Children

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My backpacks

I just finished packing my bags and I’m about to head to the airport – I’m excited! Travel is a great tool for personal development, and that’s what I’m all about.

My trip last month to Italy inspired me to start learning Italian; this time I’m going to Uganda, and I’m wondering what I’ll learn.

I’ll be working in a few schools helping to improve the way lessons are taught. To my understanding, their methods a largely based on rote memorisation and lack any sort of interaction. I’m not sure that’s too different from what education is like in western schools, but we’ll see…

If you’re a regular reader of this site then you’ll know how close education is to my heart – and I’m absolutely thrilled to be in a position to travel halfway across the world to help those less fortunate than myself.

I’ll be gone for two weeks and I doubt I’ll have much access to electricity let alone the Internet, so it’s safe to assume that for a while you won’t hear from me.

Nevertheless, I’ve got my notepad, laptop and trusted camera, so you can expect lots of writing, photos and videos when I get back

Lastly, a reminder, I run this site because I want to encourage you to continue to learn and to push yourself into new domains for the purpose of adventure and living life to the fullest.

I do hope I’m setting a good example.

  • Fantastic!

  • Sara

    I hope you come back soon !!!! Please, we are expecting your experiences !!!! see you soon!!!

  • Be safe!

  • That’s really great, may be I knew you were coming home to Africa when I suggested Nigeria,quite nice of you to help the helpless.I hope you can have fun speaking Swahili, which I think they speak in Uganda,quite a beautiful language.

  • Great stuff David!  I comes as no suprize to hear that you are heading to Uganda to help with the education there!  Can’t wait to hear the stories behind the pictures I just saw at your Google+.

  • Sarah Somewhere

    Safe Travels! I’m sure you will have an amazing experience, teaching as well as learning. Good luck!

  • Simeão Delphino

    Hi David, your volunteer work has inspired me also to help others less fortunate people here in Brazil. I’ve been started to teach Math as volunteer teacher because I’ve felt that we have to do something grateful at this short life we have. Thanks bro and I’m always reading and following your new posts. Greetings from Brazil and don’t forget that Jesus is great in our lives!!!

    • Oh wow! I’m really happy to hear I inspired you! Keep up the good work. The journey ahead is very rewarding. 🙂

      • Simeão Delphino

        Yes David. Thanks for inspire other people with your Volunteer Projects (It was an incredible work that you did in Africa, Uganda and Rwanda. Congratulations!!) I’d like to do what you did some day.
        I also have been watching a film that has inspired me a lot when I need to motivate myself, and its name is “October Sky” it is a great and inspiring film. You can’t hold a crying, it’s impossible at this film! I recommend you should watch it. Now I’m also initiating to teach Math through Skype and also to sharing how is life here in Brazil. I had my first experience last week with a group of students from Guadalajara, Mexico. It was amazing experience. Thanks again bro and let’s keep our journey always ahead because surely is rewarding and there’s no payment that can pay for it!!! Simeão – Brazil 🙂

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