Polyglot project Podcast episode #0

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Lets Start Something GOOD

I’m happy to share with the first episode of the Polyglot project podcast. We’ve decided to call it episode #0 as we consider this to a ‘warm up episode’. In this episode Claude and I talk about Linguistics and Polyglots, I try to dispel some of the misconceptions regarding Linguists. We also give some information about the up and coming interviews. Please download, share and enjoy. I Look forward to hearing your feedback!

BONUS: Click here to view the  transcript of the Podcast. Great for English students! (right click to download)

View the complete list of interviews by clicking here 

  • Anonymous

    How clever!!! You two sound so professional, too 🙂 And your diction, of course, is to be coveted.

    I really enjoyed the intelligent input concealed in your answers…in fact, so much so, that I’m wondering whether I would fare well in one of these interviews….hmmm

    “German’s not cool; it sounds like you’ve got phlegm in your throat,” LMBO!!!

    I didn’t know she was so influential in your pursuit of linguistics—that’s beautiful* 🙂

    Yeah, I hadn’t put much thought into naming my channel at the time I named it… not as bad as the first email address I ever had though, which proved immensely cumbersome on job-application follow-ups: ResDogRudy7 😉

    I don’t have a blog, but I’m sure my family members with Facebook accounts can advertise your undertaking.

    Thanks for investing so much time into this fantastic idea!! 😀

    • Yes, my pursuit of linguistic was indeed influenced a great deal by my mrs. I learned so much about it through conversation, and I found it t be so interesting, I almost couldn’t pursue it.

      I can’t wait for your interview. You are one of the more intellectual people I refereed to in the podcast 😉

      Thanks for commenting 🙂

  • cool 😀

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