The Polyglot Project Podcast – Episode #10 – Alex Rawlings

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Alex Is Britain’s most multilingual student, so I jumped at the chance to record an interview with him when we met at a multilingual conference in Italy. We discussed many different aspects of language learning i.e the psychological barriers students need to overcome, setting realistic expectations and different methods for reaching fluency.

I had a really good time speaking with Alex and this is easily one of the best interviews out in the series.

You can find Alex on the web by following the following links:

Alex’s Blog
Alex’s Twitter

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  • Alberto

    Wow I’m about to put it on my iphone right now !! =)

  • Michal

    Excellent! Thank you Alex, thank you David =)))

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  • Excellent interview David! Thanks a lot for bringing such great conversation to us.

  • Everytime I want to download one of your podcasts (in Firefox) a new tab opens up and the podcasts plays. Anyone knows how I might download them then?

    • That’s strange. Try right clicking and pressing ‘save as’

      Sent from my iPad

      • Hey, it worked and I thought I’ve already tried everything! I’ll finally download my favorite interview, the one with Richard Simcott. It’s so inspirational I like to listen to it on a regular basis. You’re doing great job with those podcasts!

        • I’m glad it worked. And I’m even more delighted you enjoy the interviews 🙂
          Good luck with your studies!

  • AndyD

    Best language based interview I´ve read

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