I invited my friend Charles Rare from London onto the show to discuss the importance of positive thinking, what positive thinking is and the common misconceptions. We both believe that positieve thinking – when done correctly – is a requisite for achieving all goals and ambitions. This is definitely and important episode! Charles’ Blog http://rarethoughts.wordpress.com/ […]


I’m happy to present the first episode of the life-long learning podcast. A new podcast by me where I talk about everything related to personal growth through constantly exploring and learning. In this episode I discuss what the podcast will be about, who it’s for and I also tell you about my background and why […]


When most people think about studying a language, they think about boring classes. We tend not to perform well when an an activity is boring, hence the reason a lot of people say they don’t have ’talent’ for language or that language isn’t their ‘thing’. But we all use language every day. We all need […]


I’m now living in Madrid, capital of Spain. I mentioned my plans to move out of London in my article ‘Confessions of a Mere Mortal’, so check that out if you want to know why I left. I’ve only been in Madrid for a few days, but I’ve received a ton of messages from people […]


Alex Is Britain’s most multilingual student, so I jumped at the chance to record an interview with him when we met at a multilingual conference in Italy. We discussed many different aspects of language learning i.e the psychological barriers students need to overcome, setting realistic expectations and different methods for reaching fluency. I had a […]