New Year Resolutions 2011

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I consider myself to be goal orientated. I’m always setting new goals and reviewing my progress. For this reason the idea of setting New Year’s resolutions doesn’t particularly excite me. Why? I’m an advocator for setting small bite size goals that contribute to the bigger picture, something I do regularly throughout the year. The resolutions I have set for myself this year allow me to be flexible and creative about the way I achieve them, which for me means more fun. Fun for me is essential in everything that I do. It keeps me motivated and makes things easier. Who doesn’t want to have fun? Why make things harder than they need to be?

My New Year’s resolutions are the following:

•       Become more healthy

•       Express myself with art regularly

•       Be an active language learner all year round

•       Have fun every day of the year

•       Go out more often

•       Continue to develop my self discipline

•       Visit 3 different countries I haven’t been to before

•       Gain a total of at least 1000 followers of this site

•       Document my progress with my endeavors on this site

•       Continue to feed my curiosity.

Lets use the first resolution on my list to expand.

“Become more healthy” – This could mean eating healthy, picking up a sport, running in the park or trying out martial arts. (Super cool)The idea is to give myself the flexibility to do as I please (Fun Fun Fun) I would then be in the position to create an abundance of miniature goals which would all sit comfortably under the resolutions umbrella. These will double up as points of reference in the articles I’ll be writing on this corner of the web. Everything I do comes back to the central idea of mine, which is to have as much fun as possible. The year ahead is going to be exciting. I look forward to sharing my journey with you all, in the hope that I will enrich some of your lives and have some of you enrich my own. Thank you for reading and have a Happy New Year.



  • Happy new year to you too!! and you missed one resolution that you told me the other day… to spend at least 30 minutes on skype everyday!!! haha.

  • Sounds like a good list! I’m with you on the bite-size thing… it’s way too easy to set yourself a grandiose goal, make one misstep early on, and lose the whole thing. Yours are pretty ambitious, but flexible. Good luck, and happy new year!

    • Thanks a lot, I wish you the best also and I’m glad to hear you agree 🙂

  • My New Year’s resolution for the next two years is to work through my list of 101 tasks. Let’s see how far I get. 😉

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