My Spanish After Approximately One Year [Video]

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Here’s a video of me speaking in spanish:

I think I’ve come a long way since I started learning about a year ago. The journey has been filled with ups and downs but I’m certainly coming along. A friend of mine mentioned that my personality is starting to shine through when I speak the language – that’s certainly good, and I attribute that to me feeling more comfortable and less worried about making mistakes.

The most challenging aspect of learning Spanish for me so far has been pushing myself to consume content that’s going to increase my ability. It’s easy to stay within your comfort zone. And while it’s helpful to just use the language as much as possible, in my opinion it’s counter productive if you aren’t pushing yourself to stretch further. However,  you don’t want to push yourself too hard, because that can lead to burn out and wanting to give up – I’ll expand on these points in another post.

I’m sure I’ve made many errors, so if you are native speaker, I would appreciate being corrected in the comments.

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  • Jeff Lindqvist

    Pretty impressive! You express yourself clearly and don’t sound particularly English (except for the silent r at the end of infinitives, e.g. habla(r)). I’m sure the answer is somewhere on your blog, but till I find it – which method(s) and approach(es) have you been using?

    • I wish I could give you a straight answer, but my learning has been holistic. I use many different techniques, but what seems to work the best for me is: mostly listening, a lot of reading, a touch of writing and a pinch of grammar. For me, the worst thing a person can do  is try too hard because you’ll burn yourself out. The answer  –  at least for me – is to constantly use the language and make sure that you know a little more today than you did yesterday. That’s my mantra.

      • Rajeev1

        Do you pay people to read your crap ? Whenever I feel sad and lonely and feel that life has no meaning, I just read your ramblings and think to myself that life can’t be that bad. For example, I thank my lucky stars I am not Dave Mansaray.

        • You certainly don’t have to read this blog if you don’t like what’s here.  Why do you care so much to comment? 

          • Sólo Quiero Unpocomás

            Bueno!!! Está bien…estás aprendiendo español y estás haciendo muy bien!!!!! buena suerte a ti.


          • Muchisima Gracias 🙂 

  • Diana Nieto

    hey!!!! u mentioned me and my dad!!!! haahha yes… im your official translator… hahaha next time u gotta talk about all those topics in spanish with my dad ok?? hahaha. As always good job!!!! you’re pronunciation is awesome! heheh

    • haha yes, next time I come I’ll be more prepared 😉 

  • Sham

    Hola, solo he mirando a este enlace porque lo vi en la pagina de una amiga por Facebook. Yo creo que hables espanol super bien. Tampoco soy hispanohablante pero aprendi el idioma durante 6 anos. Pues de mi punto de vista no hiciste muchas errores aparte del “s” que podrias suavizar un poco. Creo que con mas tiempo aprenderas mas vocabulario y te cuestara menos hablar.

  • bokelemun

    se notan bastante los nervios y eso ciertamente bloquea bastante la habilidad de expresion… sinembargo, haz hecho un gran trabajo expresando sin muchas trabas lo que realmente quieres decir… un par de errores normales utilizando los tiempos verbales, mas para no haber estado utilizando el español con frecuencia lo haz hecho muy bien… enhorabuena

  • Alejandro

    I’m from Mexico and you speak very well ¡En serio!

  • lamorenita

    Great accent!! tambien soy de londres y aprendo espanol!

  • Zohre Ahmadi

    heyy!! That’s impressive. I just moved to the U.S and I would like to learn Spanish. My counselor says I have to learn it till next year to be able to take IB Spanish HL exam. btw, I am a high school student. I could use some of your tips on how you learnt it one year since that is my time span too. Thank you!!

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