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Language learning is a big part of my personal development; it’s something I will be doing for years to come. This post will hopefully paint a clearer picture of what language means to me.

If you were to ask me why I love learning languages, the quote ‘It’s good to talk’ comes to mind, this would be my response in short, but to expand a little, I have a burning desire to communicate with the hearts and minds of people. This is what motivates me to learn. There’s something about speaking to a person in their mother tongue that excites, amazes and motivates me. There are times when I speak with friends in Spanish and I think to myself, ‘I’m actually speaking another language, I can actually do this’ A self proclaimed feeling of success and accomplishment travels through my veins, from the tip of my toes to the tip of my tongue, as I produce words that were once foreign.

The process of learning a language is no deterrent. The complexities stimulate my mind, the challenge holds my interest and the fruits of my labour taste delicious. Being able to speak to someone that I was  once unable to, makes it all worth while. With language you learn to think differently;  every language comes  with a unique way of looking the world. Language introduces you to new culture, new food and new experiences. Everything listed here could be achieved without learning a new language, but there’s no question in my mind that  language brings a more fruitful experience.

I will continue to learn languages for the rest of my life, not only are there more languages in the world than we could possibly learn, but complete mastery of a language is never accomplished, including out native tongues. There’s always something to learn, a style of writing to perfect, ways to improve our speaking, vocabulary to learn and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  For my attention to be held for long periods of time, I need depth, ambiguity and complexity. Language holds my attention.

You’ve probably concluded that communication and language are both very close to my heart. This will be a continuous theme on this site among other things. I’m going to take you through my method of learning languages and give you advice based on my experiences. I’m a student of linguistics so I have some interesting topics to touch upon.

It’s good to talk, I love to talk, language is beautiful

  • hey! what you’ve described is exactly what i feel!! thats why i love spending hours on Skype talking, because I think “I’m really talking another language!!!” haha I find it a very exciting experience….

  • I experience that same feeling… often! In spite of speaking three foreign languages at varying degrees of fluency, and several others at lower degrees of conversationality, I still never stop experiencing that little thrill… that giddy little “I can’t believe that this is really happening!” thing.

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