Live Polyglot Language Learning Discussion

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Update: for those that missed the event you can watch a recording below:

On Saturday the 15th December at 8pm GMT ( Find out what time this is for you by clicking here)  I’ll be hosting a free language learning discussion with some of the internet’s most popular authorities on language learning.

I’ve interviewed a number of different polyglots and it’s clear that there are many different ways we can succeed when we want to learn a language, so I thought it would be great to get this group of people together to speak about the part personality plays in the way we learn. I’ll be speaking to all of the people below for an hour on the topic and there will be an opportunity to ask questions at the end.

If you want to watch the event live you’ll need to subscribe to me on YouTube or Google+ and then all you need to do is turn up to one of these pages at 8pm GMT on the 15th for the live stream.

I’ll be speaking with the following people:

Steve Kaufmann ( I’m really sorry, but I forgot to include Steve in the video)

Benny Lewis

Jana Fadness

Robert Bigler

Susanna Zarysky

Luca Lampariello

Richard Simcott

This is an event you won’t want to miss so make you’re there.

Don’t forget to subscribe to me on YouTube or Google+  and please help spread the word.

  • Stu

    Word spread! – I put a shout out to it on my latest post. This is great, looking forward to the discussion! 🙂

  • Any chance you’ve recorded it?

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