The Journey Must Go on

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Road Ahead

If you tried to visit this blog sometime in  the last few weeks you would have seen a screen that  read  ‘I’ll be back’.  I also deactivated my account on Facebook, and (temporarily) took all of my videos off of YouTube.  I didn’t give a heads up, just like that, I disappeared from the web.

Why Did I do This?

At the ending of last year I took some time to review all my writing and videos on the web.  I realised something which at first was shocking: much of my writing and videos no longer represent the person I am.

Last year I travelled extremely far on my journey of growth and I’m happy with the ground  I covered.  However,  when I reviewed my videos and writing I felt uneasy with having an older version of myself floating around.

If you ever meet me in person, no  matter when,  you’ll be meeting the latest version of myself; there’s no way of meeting the old me because that version is always deleted.

However, thing work differently on the net…

The Internet Freezes Time

We all have this big brother Google who knows where everything is on the net; whenever we want to find something, we ask, and he tells us where to go.

The majority of people find me through Google, and It’s probably how you found me, right?

I’m fortunate to live in an age where people can  find my work by typing a few words. All I have to do is continue to add value to this huge database.

The alarm bells started to ring in my head when I realised Google was sending a lot of people to my old work, which was created by a now extinct version of myself.  This troubled me and I started thinking of ways to handle the situation.

I figured I had been publishing content for the web for one year and it was probably ok if I started again.

The idea seemed promising;  I would delete my whole archive of content and start again from a blank slate. I went over the idea a million times and decided to shut my blog for a few weeks to reflect.

Everything Must Stay

I learnt last year that Ideas often aren’t as good they first seem.

I’m happy I didn’t make a rash decision because spending a few short weeks away was enough to realise it was a bad idea. I’ve changed in many ways but my mission is still the same:

To inspire people to live better lives through my action, writing and speaking; to help people become the best version of themselves by demonstrating  the power of constantly exploring and learning.

Writing and speaking  can be extremely powerful, however, I find these mediums most moving when they are grounded in experience;  with this in mind, I realised  a more effective way to achieve my mission is to keep all my cards on the table, to show my trials and tribulations and to leave a trail that goes back to the very beginning.

I now feel great pleasure knowing that one day I’ll be able to send people 5, 10 or 20 years back in time to look at my journey of growth. Assuming I’ll continue to grow as I am, I can’t think of a better way to show someone they can do the things they want to do.

The journey must go on!

I’m grateful you’ve decided  to join me  me on my journey of growth. Hopefully I can inspire you to live a  better life through my actions, writing and speaking.


Here’s a short video of me discussing everything written in this article:



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  • Igor

    “I realised something which at first was shocking: much of my writing and videos no longer represent the person I am.”
    I must stop thinking about this or I’ll finish in a mental institution. 🙂

    • haha yes, thinking about this too much a great way to send yourself crazy 😛 

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