My Italian Adventure

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Italian Flag

My recent trip to Italy has left me with a strong urge to learn Italian.  I’m already a student of Spanish and Japanese, so I feel adding another language to my list is something I should do with caution. For this reason, I’ve tried to ignore the urge but it’s not something I can do. Italian is too beautiful!

What’s most appealing is Its rhythm. Italian sounds like music. When walking on the streets of Italy, I felt mesmerised listening to people speak about every day topics. And I want to be able to speak that same language.

Also, the fact that I speak Spanish means Italian is going to be a lot easier as many of the words are similar and the grammar isn’t too different. With that being said, It’s worth mentioning that I’ll still need to work hard. Although Spanish and Italian are close cousins, Italian’s sibling is French. And I don’t speak french –  yet.

I want to use this as an opportunity to share more of the insights I’ve gained as a language learner.  I’ve sort of  been documenting my progress with Spanish and Japanese, but I’m sure I can do better. And so, Italian will be my next attempt at showing the process of learning a language.

I intend to share updates once every two weeks, or at the very least once a month.

I’l be making videos, writing articles and updating often in the social networks I’m part of. Namely, Facebook, Twitter and Google +

This journey is going to be exciting, hopefully you can learn something from me.

Let’s go! 😀

Here’s a video I recorded on the subject:

  • Jeff Lindqvist

    I just realised I hadn’t read this post despite subscribing to your blog via RSS as well a being a regular follower of your interviews together with Claude. Hope your Italian studies are going well!

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