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If you follow this blog then you already know about my mission, my mission to learn as much about the world as possible. I have a roaring flame of curiosity that burns in my chest, and I want to keep it alive, so I feed it; I feed it languages, information from books, men, women, children, friends, strangers, and much, much more… Perhaps you could say I’m on a voyage. I’m on a voyage to discover the world. Yes, I like that. I think I’ll refer to it as that from now on .To me the unknown is the not-yet-known. What an interesting way to live.


I believe my life is interesting (it certainly is to me), constantly seeking new experiences and constantly acquiring knowledge means that my worldview is constantly changing. As I watch the world unfold in front of my glistening eyes, I realise I want to share with someone. However, there’s no one to share with. I’m alone in the world. My journey is my own and there’s no one to turn to.

I was born to search, find, discover, sail, listen and learn. All of these things are great, however (and this is a big however), nothing I learn and nothing I see matters if I don’t have people to share with. Having information and experiences locked up in my mind is a waste. It’s a waste because others can benefit from the things I know and the things I’ve seen. I wholeheartedly believe that I was also born to share, speak, teach, motivate, guide and inspire people.


If you’re reading this then chances are you think I have some thing interesting to say. It always puts a smile on my face when I receive an e-mail, Facebook message, Twitter response or comment on this blog with someone telling me that my experiences and advice has been helpful. As I don’t have anyone to share with in person, I share here on the Internet. What I hope to do is help people realise how they too can learn anything they want. They too can do what they please. I need a little help spreading the message. If you’re reading this and you think I have something interesting to say, could you pass on this blog to someone you think would benefit from my message? I want to meet more people so I can lean some more. Learning is what I know best. What I’m good at. I believe that everyone could benefit from learning a little more. Help me spread this message. All I want you to do is share this page or any other page on this site with one or maybe two people. Could you do me this small favour? I really would appreciate. Honestly, aside from my experiences, this is what brightens my day.

Thank you for reading.

  • Well… now you made me smile too… It’s not the first time that I tell you that you do help me and I like the way you are, the way you share things and the way you write… and I’m completely sure that someone like you has a lot of things to say to the world so never lose that ok??


    • Thank you Diana, you have been really been helpful too. Especially with Spanish!

      I’m not going anywhere, I’m in this for life! 🙂

  • David, do not ask people to spread this message. Even those who come, they will not understand your cry from the heart. I have been promoting websites. Lushe all visitors are attracted when they get valuable information. They will distribute itself links to your articles. You just need to write them. 
    I came to your blog, thanks to podcasts. This is a quality product. Continue to develop it. And the visitors they will come! 

  • I *really* understand where you’re coming from here. Your mission is very similar to mine, and I think you and I are similar people who both want the same thing. It can be hard to build and maintain relationships with people living the kind of life we do, but I completely agree with you that the experiences we have and the things we learn don’t really mean anything if we don’t share them with anyone. The Internet is an amazing medium for sharing and connecting with people though, and I think we’re really lucky to be living in a time when we have such a powerful tool at our disposal. We can get our message out to people all around the world. That’s the reason why I started my blog, and I know it’s the reason you started yours too. I’ll do what I can to help you spread the word, because I completely believe in what you’re doing. Keep it up!

    • Thank you, Jana

      I couldn’t agree with you more. The Internet is an amazing place for meeting people. Vie met some great people and learnt a whole heap from people here.

      Hopefully, you and I could work together someday to spread our messages 🙂

      Thanks for your support!

  • When’s the next polyglot interview coming out?

    • Hopefully when I get back to London.
      El 31/05/2011, a las 13:49, Disqus escribió:

  • New learner of Spanish

    I’ve listened to you on youtube and read some of your posts. You are really a remarkable person who seems to want to establish yourself in the world, by helping people realise their own potential and its commendable.

    Im similar i want to explore the world in many different forms myself to gain more knowledge about myself and things that exist in and outside our time frame.

    What books have you consumed that has help you on your quest to enlightenment.

    Also i have decided to educate myself in the art of Spanish.   

    What advice could you or someone else give me about the initial steps i take to complete my second language to a native level. 

    Thanks in advance Nick

  • Sara

    Hello David, I love your thoughts, I enjoy your blog and I belive that your are very interesting and sensitive man. You give me a lot of spirit to learn English and I thank you very much !!!  Sara, from Spain!!!  I encourage your Spanish is pretty good

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